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Epigenetics is the Power of You!

“We are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness, and love.” – Bruce Lipton.

Have you ever said something, or acting in a way that was a direct copy of your mom, dad, or someone that influenced you as a child? Or that you look just like your mother or father?

Our whole lives we’ve heard about our pre-determined doom and gloom of our genetic destiny based on our ancestory.

When DNA was discovered – only a short 64 years ago – it made sense parts of our chromozone are passed down from generation to generation.

Scientists believed our DNA decoded our individuality and the promise of an ending disease.

Many of us (and its really not us, its the pattern) will say things like, “See? That’s why I’m depressed.” Enter - whichever parent handed down your “ default habit.”

Science is now pointing away from the idea that your DNA is the key to why you are the way you are.

We now know – through epigenetics – that you have immense control over your genetic expressions. More than we’ve ever realized before.

I call it the 80/20 rule.

Epigenetic have proven that 80% EVERYDAY lifestyle decisions determines the outcome of your health and beauty. Only 20% is determined by your coded DNA.

Our genes by continuously sending information that affects cellular function. Restoration, repair, nutrition and cellular division activities can all be impacted by negative Epigenetic interactions.

And yet, so many of us hold on to the idea that we are our genes. Collectively we’ve become victims of our DNA.

This is a mindset and old pattern of belief that is being corrected globally corrected, and fast!

We now know that we are able to change our genetic expressions through environmental inputs. There are a series of chemical tags on our DNA (our epigenome) that determines which genes are turned up, down, on or off.

This is very important because it means we aren’t simply expressions of DNA but dynamic and powerful beings. We are influenced by habits, diet, life experience, our childhood, social influences, community, the environment, and probably hundreds of other factors not yet considered.

So what does this mean? Simply this: It means that you have a chance to rewrite your health, life, and future.

Epigenetics also means that having a “genetic predisposition” does NOT equate genetic expression.

Just because your grandfather or father had Alzheimer’s or your mom had lupus - DOES NOT mean you are doomed and a victim of those genes.

Only one percent of disease and illness are caused by genetics. 
And yet people still give DNA an unwarranted amount of authority over their lives.

You have an immense amount of power to influence your life, and more than on a superficial level – it’s possible to impact your genetic expression on a biological level.

What is Epigenetics?
EPI-genetics is the key to how you can change your life experiences and the inner knowing and action to stop being a victim.

Simply by being aware of epigenetics, you can gain more control over your life.

Here’s how it works: 
Each cell in your body is wrapped in a cell membrane. Cell membranes are the regulators of your body.

These membranes control which molecules are allowed in and out of your cells. These molecules have the ability to turn genes on, off, up or down.

Epigenetics is the study of how your physical characteristics change, depending on how your cells read your genes.

Your physical characteristics are influenced by your epigenome – the collection of chemical tags on your DNA.

Some of your genes are being read and therefore expressed as character traits.

But then there are other genes that aren’t being read and therefore are not expressed.

And unlike DNA which remains relatively the same throughout your life, your epigenome can be changed through environmental factors.

What Influences Your Genetic Expression?

There are thousands, millions, probably billions of factors that influence your genetic expression.

Here are some epi (control over your biology) expression in our daily life that directs our mind-body - and they only scratch the surface.

Pretty incredible right? It’s also incredibly empowering. 


It means that you have the power to change your biology through beliefs, lifestyle choices, managing stress levels, aging more gracefully by reversing our telomeres and more.

You now know that you aren’t a victim to your DNA.

You now know that you have the power to influence your life, more than you probably realized.

Your DNA is a dynamic roadmap consisting of a series of paths you get to choose throughout your life. You can change the narrative of your life through everyday choices and the ecosystem you create - mind - body spirit and ENERGETICALLY.

You were made to grow and bloom. Even though the primitive mind “thinks” it’s in need to Survive – you’re made to Thrive!

This is where mindfulness AND ENERGETIC healthy expression help bridge us to this truth and the future of your life. 

This is where the truth sets you free.

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