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First and foremost, I am not here to make any medical claims, but to share science, research, experience, and leadership when it comes to frequency and energy healing.  

The fact is this, your body has an innate ability to heal.  

As a biofeedback user and facilitator for many of my clients, I couldn’t be more excited to have Ryan Williams, the CEO of Quantum Health Apps on the Awaken Beauty podcast.  

My heart, as well as Ryan's, is to be of service.  

In this timely episode, Ryan and I will discuss how your very own personalized frequencies with the latest and most affordable technology - gives you back the control of your health in these precedent times as the globe is experiencing an immune breakdown from the Corona Virus.


SO LISTEN UP...  The EASY BUTTON to instantly better energy is (really) her.


In the age of stress, overwhelm, and distraction - it's time to take control and go deeper.

Aside from the current pandemic of the Corona Virus, we’re surrounded by stressors that steal our time, energy, youth, wealth, and health. Everything from endocrine disruptors to hidden chemicals, EMF’s to negative thought patterns impact us to a tremendous degree. 

These stressors eventually add up and accelerate aging, cognitive decline and increase risk of disease.

In a time of frenetic unknown and confusion, this goal of this episode is to show you a simple solution to what seems so complex with the click of a button through your very own frequency remedies tailored to you by uncovering the hidden stressors keeping you from living your most optimal life, beauty and helping sustain a healthy immune system - all by instantly de-stressing & balancing your Energy [Field] in 15 minutes a day.


About Ryan Williams  

CEO Quantum Health Apps

Ryan is a pioneer in the biofeedback industry. As a child requiring speech therapy, Ryan has always been interested in Biofeedback as a treatment technique. From being a patient to becoming a practitioner, Ryan has witnessed the tremendous results biofeedback can offer.  

Over the past 20 years, Ryan has become a leader in his industry; from biofeedback device training, distribution and manufacturing to biofeedback app development, Ryan brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the industry. His vast expertise in FDA compliance and online marketing are well sought after within the industry.

As a minister, Ryan was under a guided meditation, seeking answers and a meaning to his life. While under meditation, God spoke to Ryan and gifted him to tools and knowledge to create the worlds first Voice Analysis App

Ryan has produced over 30 customized app solutions based upon a principle of Interactive Biofeedback Apps.  

And today, we’re here to discuss his flagship app is called The Genius Insight App - and the attributes of creating balance through frequencies.  


On Today’s Episode You’ll Awaken to:


What Can The Genius Do For YOU?



  1. Using voice analysis, your picture and your date of birth.  
  2. This assessed frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been programmed into the software.  
  3. The result of this comparison is a score. Certain scores indicate reactivity. These reactivity scores are generally below 100 and above 600.  


How the biofeedback affects the Mental - Emotional - Physical health of the body.  

Biofeedback helps give real-time data to see your personal journey of peeling the onion  


Ready to Harmonize your Health and Beauty?


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