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Hi there! We’re breaking up the pattern today!

With a “quick start” personality and as a creative, I’m constantly inspired and I've found that there are some powerful ideas about happiness, how we analytically think (or don't), and human nature that don't quite fit the structure of the show.

So, I’d like to post this very first episode of an ongoing “Mini Awaken Episode” series.

I was talking to a good client of mine who’s a Ph.D. and scientist and she told me something interesting and is factually true.

She said...
1 year after graduation you forget your professors' name.
5 years after graduation you forget the classes you’ve taken
10 years after graduation you forget every fact you learned.

Now, I know with all of my education, this seems to be true - but there’s one exception. While I may not remember what I was tested on, or professors I had, I do remember certain moments with mental clarity.

One of them I remember is being in the back of a room in a class for Functional Medicine and we were on the final day of a 3-day weekend intensive on Clinical Nutrition.

On a whole other topic, I remember in a very vivid class discussion debrief with my Hypnotherapy Instructor who is an absolute genius, but his heart is even more profound.

He spoke about the moral responsibility and professionalism and awareness when working with families, and those fighting the fight of the deepest hopelessness in life - and when they’re on the brink of suicide. He made it very real for all of us by sharing 2 personal stories that he “missed the mark” and a day later a family member of his and a client took their lives. He saw the signs, but was either too tired or, had a personal relationship that he didn’t want to step on a family members toes during the holiday.

When I think back to these moments, there was one thing in common. It wasn’t the content that was being spoken but the passion and human connection that made an incredible impact on me.

I've always been intrigued about how much we love stories.
These shorter episodes will run the gamut. These upcoming mini episodes will be a cross between a personal or captured “AH-HA’ from a client, a controversial scientific truth that shines on bright and shiny objects pertaining to health and beauty, to quick debriefs on the industry's hottest topics.

These brief mini episodes are another way to explore the power of story, connection and captured insights for you to live more awake.

SO, I hope these mini-episodes will meet you where you are, and bring a higher level of awakening for all of us to ride the rising tides of personal truths together.

Let me know what you think!

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Additional Support and Proof!

Listen and learn to this video more from leading PHD's from the 12th Annual SSEW Symposium, “The Exposome & Metabolic Health.” Speakers discussed the role of social relationships, chemicals found in everyday items like beauty and hair care products, and our food environments in encouraging negative health outcomes such as obesity and diabetes, breast cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Listen Here

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