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How many of you have heard the saying ‘Your Focus Creates Reality’?

Here's the hard knock truth.  

 Recognize that your identity of who you are (RIGHT NOW, IN YOUR CURRENT REALITY)  is not who you REALLY ARE IF you were living the life of your vision and dreams…. 

Because until we wake up to a self-aware life, and that the very things we’ve been conditioned to turn to - to break through so we can achieve our dreams and desires - are blocked by our current habits and silent rules that keep you imprisoned from not only building a life you love, but feeling the peace and fulfillment you  have access to NOW, as you journey through life. 

I know YOU KNOW the mind-chatter well.   “I’ll be happy….

 once I lose the weight, 

once I earn the 6 figures, 

Or once I find my twin flame, etc”.......

So life becomes a constant pursuit of happiness, always hustling and searching for how to  fix yourself. 

Well, today my new friend Rex Sikes, who is my brother from another mother, is  here to share the like-minded modern-day de-mystifying secrets that I powerfully reveal in my  “ Fountain of YOU” group coaching program and they Rex UNDENIABLY lays out in his profound book titled: Life On Your Terms: Live The Life You Want.

So if you want to grab your magic wand and tap into how you have been misled, even lied to and how to start to erase your old identity - simply trying to keep you safe….then stay tuned into this groundbreaking interview.

In this episode we discuss:

 Rexes brilliance and background

After a skydiving accident nearly robbed Rex of his life and caused him to spiral down in negativity for a couple of years, Rex locked himself in his apartment for 6 weeks to sort things through and develop the confidence to face the world again living happily and successfully again. 

During those weeks of deep introspection and meditation, Rex discovered the keys for transformation which he discusses in his book, Life On Your Terms: Live The Life You Want.

Rex is not short of credentials with four decades of experience helping thousands of people transform their minds and lives as an NLP & Master Hypnotherapist and his innovations include Mind Design and is founder of IDEA Seminars.

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