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Hello lovely. 

Today, I want to talk about living a life IN BLOOM, by mastering the garden of your mind. 

Did you know your mind is a literal garden? 

Let me walk you through the golden gate and show you EXACTLY how:  

Point one:  Your thoughts are the seeds. 

The harvest can either be flowers or weeds.”

This famous metaphor speaks volumes about the influence our unconscious mind has on creating the results we get in life.

So, lets dig in (no pun intended).

First.  What’s in a thought?

Your subconscious mind consists of many things you may not be aware of or give much thought to day-to-day, such as 





and ....

-behaviours to name a few.

Think of the subconscious mind as the soil in which you plant your garden. 

It offers a foundation for the seeds to grow and take root, providing plants with the resources they need to take life and to thrive. 

However, the soil does not discriminate; 

it’s sole purpose is to support the ecosystem and it's immunity – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your conscious mind consists of your thoughts and feelings about the things you notice and ultimately do. 

This is the part of your mind you are aware of day-to-day. 

In this garden analogy, the seeds you plant in your garden are, collectively, your conscious mind. 

Every thought you think is a seed.

So what?

A conscious thought which reappears often will eventually embed itself into your subconscious mind, where it will grow into a permanent belief. 

Depending on the thought, this can work for you or against you - and the trickiest part, is that we're often unconscious to our beliefs, and they run on a negative bias framework of 90% of our thoughts daily. 

Now, who wants a garden like that?  

Getting the picture? 

When we plant a seed in our garden, it always grows into what the seed was meant to be. 

f you plant roses, you will reap roses.

 If you plant lavender, you will reap lavender.

Just like the seeds you plant in a garden, the thoughts you think also grow into what they are meant to be. 

For example, if your thoughts are mainly about how hard it is to get fit ( or whatever your desire is), you will unconsciously foster beliefs in your mind at its deepest level to support this.

 As a result, you will walk, talk, feel and act like a person who holds this belief. 

You will develop unconscious habits and behaviors to support this belief and naturally, will get the results that perfectly reinforce these beliefs. 

That is, in this example, poor fitness levels and in the long run, health problems. 

Will this adversely impact your life? Absolutely.

In life, it has been said that “you get what you focus on, to the exclusion of everything else.” 

Your outer reality reflects your inner-thoughts and beliefs with great precision.

Only you can tend to your inner-garden; that is your mind. 

It is your responsibility to seed and fertilise your inner-garden with the plants you want to grow.

 Remember, the subconscious mind does not discriminate between thoughts. 

Our garden grows the seed that is planted whether it is desirable or not.  

And, there is a significant penalty for neglecting your inner garden: a life not of your choosing.

So how do we create our own beautiful garden?

We must be present and conscious in our lives.


Choose to be mindful and present in the seeds that you plant and in how you nurture them. 

Fleeting thoughts are like seeds blown in with the wind. 

They do not get planted, watered and nourished unless we choose to do so. 

When you choose to focus on repeated thoughts, you reinforce and reaffirm them, meaning they grow stronger and deeper roots. 

They take up more space in your garden. 

Alternatively, when you step back to observe and analyse your thoughts as they come, you can decide to keep those which serve you; and remove those that do not serve you. 

You can also encourage the growth of the plants you’d like to see more of and resolve to focus on cultivating this area going forward.

Success takes time, effort, tenacity and a great deal of focus - but it can be fun - and damnit - quite fruitful!

Successful people consciously choose to focus on where they’re heading NOW with clarity. 

They surround themselves with good seeds and flourishing flowers - and no- I'm not talking bout PANSIES! 


Unsuccessful people, do not. 

And, further supporting Wordsworth’s garden metaphor, Earl Nightingale once said: 

“You become what you think about most of the time.”

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Do you feel like the minute you wake up, you are overwhelmed with the constant flow of information. 

You want to start something new, only to find yourself forgetting the information and giving up on yourself? 

I think you’d agree that everyone loves efficiency.   

This is why I’m starting with how we can prime our mind.

These skills are a fundamental truth that can be applied in all areas of our life, adn especially before learning something new! 

When it comes to learning anything - I love to follow the FASTER Method, originally quoted by the famous mind coach, Jim Kwik.

So let’s jump right in! 


Start by temporarily forgetting everything you already know, or think you do, about what you’ll be learning. 

Why? Because your brain needs to be cleansed of it’s big old ego that thinks it already knows what it needs to know.

The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.  

Lastly the one thing you ESPECIALLY want to Forget about is self limitations – 

BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS THIS….what we say we can or cannot do - is completely self-fulfilling. 



Most people are extremely passive while learning because that’s what their education model has taught them. 


So this old school education has en-trained us to be passive (such as sitting at your desk and not speaking, etc.).  

Let alone, being brave to raise your hand to ask a question and maybe be wrong!

Our brain DOES NOT  learn through consuming but by creating.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that “Learning is not a spectator sport .”   

I couldn’t agree more. 

In order to have active learning, do things like taking notes and asking questions in the moment. 

The more active you are, the more you will learn.


State is the feeling or our emotion. Emotion is a state.

Information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory. 

We all know the feeling—that instant surge of memory that comes with a particular smell or the first few notes to a song? 

All learning is state-dependent.

And you are responsible for your state – the way to move, stand, sit while you are engaged. 

So what are these E-MOTIONS?   Curiosity, joy, and fascination are all states.

Consider the mood of your mind and body, avoiding the dull state that comes with sitting and being lectured to. 

In fact, “They say sitting is the new smoking. 

Standing and moving changes your physiology, which affects your psychology, and in the end- your state. 

One powerful way to think about this foundation is a visual that represents the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat. 

A thermometer is a device that reacts to what the environment is giving it. 

A thermostat sets a standard and the environment raises to that level.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, be that thermostat.

One last thing.  As a hypnotherapist, I know to my core that IMAGINATION and being curious, and fascinated, just like children - shortcuts the analytical mind and allows information to flow and therefore breaking through limitations and expanding the mind.  . 


When you teach something, you get to learn it twice. 

When I engage in content I want to share, I approach it as if I am going to teach it to someone else.

Simply put,  if you are teaching, you will absorb the information better.

We lose 80% of the information we learn in 48 hours.

Taking notes is one of the best ways to mitigate this loss.

How do we teach what we learn? 

There’s many ways.  

Writing out your notes in preparation to share and teach

Sharing your notes to someone interested in learning.

What we have clarity and personal ah-ha’s on create the energy of inspiration ND higher vibration.  When we write out our notes in this state, our whole-brain is integrated into the process. 

The foundation for whole brain note taking:

The key is to establish the topic on the left and on the right side, explore the meaning, emotion and key notes.   

In conclusion , when you teach something, you get to learn it twice. When you learn with the outcome to teach it to someone, you own that information more. 



What’s the most precious commodity. Its time. 

And our time on the things we value have to get into our CALENDER

So “E” stands for ENTER, Enter the thought work, your ah-ha, or action steps into your calendar



Overcome the super villain of the forgetful curve.  

Research says 50% of your knowledge is gone by the next day. 

REVIEWING is the answer to this. 

It’s called “Practice active recall”. 

More often quiz yourself rather than re-reading material.

Do spaced repetition. 

Review new information for one hour, one week, one month and a few months later to enhance your long-term memory. 

You’ve now embodied a limitless mindset, personalized it, and documented it.

That’s it!

I owe a big thank you to Jim for this incredible acronym so that we can all prime our mind so we can retain what matters most to us - and to then share with the world - for the better. 

Please go out and share any of these tips, and I’m quite sure you’ll never forget the FASTER acronym. 

Tap into more episodes to upgrade your mind, body and spirit at http://www.awakenbeautyhq.com

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Inhale…. Exhale….


Learning to control the breath is one of the most powerful (and free!) tools we have for improving concentration, cellular health, managing stress, and as a co-guide in our spiritual ascension.

By engaging intentional deep and rhythmic breathing we jump-start the natural laws of nature which will calm your thoughts, slows your heart rate, and regulates your autonomic nervous system.


Where the mind goes, our energy flows, so focused breathing helps you direct what your mind is paying attention to and focus on that thing without any distractions. When a trigger moment arises out of the blue or you’re anticipating a high-pressure circumstance, breathwork helps you control the physical and mental response to stress, preventing you from getting disjointed.


When reflecting upon your own life and inner nature, this technique helps you slow down and gain more insight and self-knowledge. And at a practical and physical level, proper breathing enhances lung capacity, strengthens your immune system, and regulates your neuroendocrine system.


The Box Breathing technique is recommended by a Nave Seal Commander who uses it as a program to develop elite level physical fitness and mental toughness. He quotes that it’s his secret weapon for creating a balanced, energized state, and a calm, focused mind.

Let’s jump into the flow!


The Basics:

* On the inhale, expand the belly, then the diaphragm, then the upper chest.

On the exhale, let the breath go first from the upper chest, then the ribcage, then the belly. This helps you relearn how to breathe deeply.

* Inhale and exhale solely through the nose. It stimulates the nerves that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and counters the fear response of the sympathetic nervous system.

Here are the 4 Steps: Note, you can choose a 4 or 5 count. Find your biorhythm.

We’re going to exhale 4 seconds, hold your breath 4 seconds, inhale 4 seconds, hold your breath 4 seconds. If that’s too long, make the count shorter the first two times then lengthen.

Please close your eyes and go inside your mind's eye.

Let's breathe.

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