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Tell me, have you been told your hair loss is "just part of aging"?


When women talk about hormonal hair loss, they are generally referring to something called androgenic alopecia; essentially, this is just a fancy way to talk about hair loss caused by high levels of androgens (especially one hormone, a metabolite of testosterone, called dihydrotestosterone or DHT).


When women have imbalanced levels of androgenic hormones (like DHT), they can bind to the hormone receptors of our hair follicles and put them in their “rest-phase”.

Essentially, hormonal hair loss is the result of our hair follicles being told to stop growing and to go to sleep instead.


Many of the salon clients I work with who are approaching or experiencing menopause have shared with me that they feel dismissed by their healthcare providers when despereate and asking for help with their hair loss.


One of the most common explanations that they hear is that their hair loss is just a “normal part of aging”.


But I think it’s important to question this assumption and try to understand the unique factors (root causes) that may be contributing to hair loss regardless of a woman’s age

Is menopausal hair loss normal? Or are there still root causes of inflammation that need to be addressed even in menopausal women experiencing hair loss?


Let's dive into this short mini episode to learn more!


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