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In this episode, we have an incredible conversation with Dr. Don Wood, the creator of The Inspired Performance Program (TIPP).

As a clinical hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, and personal life experiences, I understand the impact of trauma and how it keeps us from reaching our full potential. 

To frame it up - consider this:

We have up to 80,000 thoughts a day. 

80% of them are negative and 95% of them stem from the subconscious and are the same thoughts as yesterday.

This means you are only living in a margin of 5-10% consciousness (your highest self and potential).

So, how does small and large trauma to the body affect women? 

Women are 70 percent more likely to experience anxiety disorders than men.

Approximately 1 in 5 suffer from an autoimmune disease, and women make up 75 percent of this group. 

Could there be a connection to pre-exposed, prolonged inflammation from earlier trauma stuck in the body? We’ll explore that, and more. 

You’ll want to listen to this entire epic episode as we welcome you to the round table as we discuss the mind-body connection, and living to your highest potential.


About Dr. Don Wood

Dr. Don Wood developed the Inspired Performance Institute after spending years researching how trauma affects our minds and our lives. Dr. Wood began to understand that events and experiences throughout our life continue to play a role in how we experience life in the present. 

He also realized that there was a better way of treating the issue. Dr. Wood’s background experience provides a unique perspective on problem-solving. 

He used these skills to develop the Inspired Performance Institute and the NEURO XP program as well as authoring two books about his research.


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