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YAAS beauty! You’re in the right place!
You have a story.
As you listen and engage in future podcasts, pieces of our conversations with you in the room will tug and pull as you self reflect on your own dips and valleys, incredible new insights and how you too have the choice to mold and renew .

My hope is that the episodes will help to connect the dots on topics like how to identify patterns of hormone dysregulation and hair loss, the consequences of leaky gut and how it shows up on the skin, how the Endocannabinoid System is essential to helping us women come back to our senses of more calm, joy and balance in their minds, emotions (and beauty of course). 

I view us all to be in a co-creative state of being—awakening and activating the infinite potentials that reside within each one of us.⠀When light shines on the truth around the toxicity in our products, lack of nutrition due to poor soil and a polluted mind of allowing others to overlay their values on ours- we feel constricted, overwhelmed and perhaps a little anxiety. ⠀

So here we cross the conscious crossroads, it's choice in present time - always and a opportunity to take our true beauty and personal power back.⠀It’s a huge YES to a great hair wash, but NO to the new era brainwash.
Always Learning & Growing
For 20 years, I’ve created a career making my women a priority by vetting everything I can within the latest women’s health, healthy aging, natural beauty and now modern scientific cannabidiol through continuous ingredient and product delivery research. 

What you absorb, matters.

The fact is this, you’re your own alchemist curating your own daily remedies and rituals (habits).

By listening to the Awaken Podcast, I believe that clarity creates energy (all flowing in a forward positive direction).
Endocannabinoid + Phytocannabinoid Education
CBD is a cannabinoid derived from hemp that works by regulating our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). We strive to educate our community on the benefits, uses, and terminology relating to the hemp plant, the endocannabinoid system, and endocannabinoids (CBD is only one), as well as supportive products, technology and industry developments within the market.
Let’s face it, as women, we were not taught a damn thing about how our body ages, how our hormones work and how toxic invasions setback our peace of mind and energy.

This podcast is here to align ourselves with a network of industry professionals who are experts in the wellness space that provide top shelf tips and strategies - so YOU can take action.
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Self Discovery Through Botanical Beauty + Wellness Solutions
Each Evoq formula is brimming full of the “Forces of Nature,” which contains abundant amounts of fatty acids (anti-inflammatory), essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants (cell renewal and health) and delivery system carriers (deep penetration).

The result it natural, balanced, radiant skin by using the highest quality ingredients-natural, organic and sustainable- from across the world. Every products made in small batches to maximize freshness and effectiveness without the use of chemicals, cheap fillers or toxic preservatives

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Your Supportive Ecosystem of Beauty & Well-Being
A common phrase we hear from our guests is …..“omg, you do more than just “hair!”

Our efforts and expertise help you connect all the facets that go into your beauty & inner health. 
Our beauty philosophy is based around simple, quintessential virtues – none of the nastie
Recharge your hair, skin, and spirit with the Forces (Laws) of Nature.
Luxuriously Pure. Naturally Potent.
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It’s important to understand how the human body processes CBD. Essentially, our body breaks CBD down through metabolization, just like other oral drugs by entering the digestive tract. Here, they absorb through the stomach lining into the hepatic portal system.
My mission is to provide comprehensive guidance for women of all ages. I aim to empower women to support the innate healing capabilities of their bodies, understand what “really works” when it comes to natural beauty products and becoming more mindful and conscious so we can live feeling lighter, more energized, happier, more optimistic and more empowered!

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