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Free Morning Meditation to Create Your Day and Reduce Stress

 It’s clear the status quo of most people, “No, I’m fine, I’m just busy,” while their cortisol levels are through the roof!

Stress is a funny thing – it creeps up on you and accumulates, straw by straw, until the proverbial camel’s back breaks. 

Often times, especially for women, our cortisol is LOW in the morning due to disrupted sleep, imbalanced hormones, and the perpetual “busy brain,” keeping us from our deepest REM state to reset our mind and body.

The best way to ensure that you don’t let those straws build-up is to take a few minutes every day to let go of your tension through breath and get yourself back into the present moment by taking ground and visualizing your day ahead.

My gift to YOU! A free short meditation to help you transition into your day.

This guided hypnosis journey is designed to start your day in a place of flow and frequency that brings out natural motivation, inspiration and effortless alignment with your higher self today and ….. every day.

Live a Life in Bloom by Nourishing your Mind, Body and Soul with this Sacred Time and Ritual

Let's begin by aligning and becoming aware of your breath with a slow, natural flow that is rhythmic and easy.

Continuing the natural rhythm of your breath, now begin to bring attention to the tips of your toes and the bottoms of your feet.

And as you do this, become aware of the main word on how you’d like to feel today. 

Perhaps motivated, accomplished, rested, confident, peaceful, successful - whatever that is for you. If you have more than one in mind, please choose and settle on one for now and hold the other word for tomorrow.

Next, let your subconscious choose a color for that word. Let it intuitively come up and visualize it and image that its now coming into your feet, toes and legs. Moving into the hips, chest warming your shoulders and wrapping all your organs with vital energy, the energy that is life-giving and full of cellular energy.

With every breath, breathing in lite and exhaling any negative energy. Allowing the beginning of this day to begin with a clear, clean calm and peaceful mind.

Allowing this energy to flow into the shoulders, back of the arms and into the back of your neck. Moving forward into the forehead, relaxing your jaw, the tiny muscles around your eyes, feeling your jaw say - feeling loose limp and relaxed.

Feeling all of your facial muscles now just fully relaxed, perhaps with a small smile on your lips ingratitude of the time you’ve given yourself.

Very easy and effortless. Allowing this energy to move into the upper arms, the elbows, forearms, wrists and out of your fingertips.

Just allow this flowing of the energy of high vibration to radiate through your body.

Inhaling this clean flow of energy through your toes and out of your fingertips and crown of your head.

Just letting go of anything from yesterday, a dream or any sensation in teh body that no longer serves you, just allow it to flow out of the body, breathing in relaxation, truth, peace and a present calm throughout.

In this state, this homeostasis you find yourself in - i’ts easier to connect to our soul and higher self. The tedious things naturally fall away and we can enter into the priorities based on our values in life and the bigger picture.

This is the part of us that knows our intuition, the next steps and how to make the most of our day. In this knowing and intuition, we align with a flowing river that roles over what would be triggers of the day when out of this state.

Remember a time when you were able to find a way around something you never thought you could.

It may have been years ago, or more recently. But find that sense of confidence and pride the best you can, expanding that smile and grace on your face. You did that, its something others are waiting for. The word deeply needs you - always at your best.

Allow this incredible feeling to radiate throughout your whole body. Locking in this feeling of truth and releasing anything, not of your highest good.

And when you feel through the rhythm of your breath and radiant life-giving light is here for you now and you feel ready to start and seize your day in this flow, and not allow any obstacles to get in teh way of your righteous path, to allow yourself to flow right around them. Trusting yourself in knowing the right step, reaction, and insight it opens in you or others, just hold that with you right now in strength and deep in the subconscious.

Now when you feel you’ve totally released what you need to release so you can start your day, just take a few more breathes with excitement to start your day - bringing yourself back to the awake state - perhaps a smile of gratitude on your face - feeling the self love for yourself - wide awake - opening your eyes ready to flow into your day with a clean, calm, quiet, powerful and peaceful mind.

Wonderful. I wish you a incredible today, and I hope to see you here again tomorrow as your start your day.

All my love and light - Kassandra

PS: Visit http://www.awakenbeautyhq.com for more meditations and mini-episodes to come!

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