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I’m losing my hair, will it grow back? Address the #1 Root Now

As an organic salon owner for 20 years, this is by far the most common question I receive: 

I’ve lost so much of my hair, will it come back? 

Its a sensitive question so I want to address it here in detail.

Here’s the FACT:  Hair Loss Directly a Reflection of  Inflammation in the body. 

First, it’s fundamental to understand that hair loss is a symptom of inflammation. There are many unique causes of inflammation (which we will call root causes) that can disrupt our hair growth process.

I say “unique” because the root causes of hair loss will vary person to person depending on factors such as your individual health history, nutritional status, chemical exposure, and genetics.

Even if someone shares the same diagnosis as you (for example, androgenic alopecia), that does not mean that you share the same root causes. And, its important to note that a diagnosis is not the same thing as a root cause.

Another important point I want to stress is just because you share the same root cause with someone does not mean that it will display itself outwardly the same.

Here’s a simple example.  If you have two people exposed to the mold exposure (the root cause) there may be one person who experiences the symptom of hair loss while the other may experience the symptom of rashes. 

That’s because symptoms such as hair loss are considered not tied to just one root cause.

Root causes can also produce more than one symptom; its not typical that for every one root cause there is just one symptom. 


A final point I want to make about root causes is that there is always more than one. While you’re searching for the root causes of your hair loss, remember that it’s not just one thing but likely many different sources of inflammation and imbalance that will need to be addressed.


What Symptoms Like Hair Loss Are Showing You

Outside of a traditional diagnosis, symptoms like hair loss are a catalyst from other current habits (nutritional, lifestyle, environmental, etc.); meaning that the way we have been living is a mismatch to our body’s needs.

This should be seen as an invitation to deeper into our lives and to grow and evolve; to question our existing habits, incongruent thoughts and to try new things.

To regain our health, I hope we all can be willing to learn a new way to live. I’m sure you remember the quote by Henry Ford….. 

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” 

If we want a different outcome, we have to possibly remove what we think we “know” and move into being willing to embrace new tiny habits.

“ Inch by inch is a sinch, yard by hard is way too hard. “

NO ONE “deserves” hair loss, you also do not deserve to be experiencing something as emotionally devastating as hair loss, nor are you to always be to blame. 

Where I want to refocus is that we are all responsible, or rather, respond-able; meaning able to respond to our circumstances. 

You have the power to start making different choices that can have real, tangible benefits to your health and the health of your hair.

What Results Are Possible For You? Is Your Hair Loss Reversible?

As to whether or not women’s hair loss is reversible, it’s important to understand that this is highly individual and dependent on many different factors. In some instances, inflammation that has unknowingly been allowed to persist for years can lead to irreversible structural changes; for example, leading to permanent damage of the hair follicle.

I refer to this issue of slowing thinning hair as “follicle miniaturization.” 

I’ve always followed a Functional Medicine approach which is an evidence-based way to reverse the main catalysts of dis-ease, including hair loss.

It’s critical that we view hair loss – whether it ends up being reversible, or not – as a clue pointing us to a deeper source of inflammation and imbalance that needs our attention.

Investing in your wellness and caring for your body is an act of self-compassion and love. It’s not specific results that should motivate us to make the critical changes to our habits, but our desire to be a good steward or caretaker of our body.

What results are possible for you? There is only one way to find out, and that is to start.

By addressing our individual root causes, we can feel better than many of us thought was possible. 

Imagine being able to finally break free of the symptoms you thought you were stuck “dealing with” like gas and bloating, period pain, frequent headaches, skin rashes and acne, uncontrollable cravings, unrelenting anxiety and fatigue – – and, for some women, by addressing their root causes of inflammation they are able to experience decreased hair shedding and hair regrowth.

Lastly is hormone testing. 

When women implement hormone testing, this is often missed. 

Its important to consider the timing of your testing if you are a menstruating pre-menopausal.

Levels of hormones in women between puberty and menopause fluctuate throughout the month depending on where they are at in their cycle. At certain points during our cycle, certain hormones can be low while others are high, and vice versa. It’s important that you have your hormones tested on the right day of your cycle so that they can provide an accurate picture of your levels.

For most women, testing hormones during the mid-luteal phase (days 17-21 of a normal cycle) provides the most accurate picture. You can calculate which day of the month to do the hormone assessment by counting forward from the first day of your period (Day 1 of your cycle).

So, what are your key takeaways?   Has your mind begun to think about how you can start to investigate your inner and outer ecosystem? 

I truly believe its never too early for women to start using hair growth support in their lifestyle.  Our Root Revival Activator is a topical spray proven to be 2x’s more powerful than drug-based minoxidil.  

Start shifting your mindset, lifestyle and BE empowered to the new awareness in the episode and in your life - 

I’m always here for you. Reach out at any time!  Xo Kassandra

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