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Identify Old Layers & Deleting Old Apps

Welcome back to part two! 

Head back and listen to “How Your Internal Apps Drain Your Brain | Part 1” if you missed it!

You can find the first episode here.

Ok, so awareness is a mental process of IDENTIFYING the experiences and memories in your life, and seeing if they build your TRUE SELF or the EGO. The TRUE SELF wants to connect to the Mind and TRUTH, while the Ego tries to satisfy the Conditioned Self.

The Conditioned Self is a false representation of who we are; it develops from the layers of negative programming we experience and download in life. Seeing the world through the eyes of the TRUE SELF allows you to see what experiences and memories really build you up or break you down. But it takes work.

The True Self builds your connection to the life of the TRUTH. The connection increases when you swipe off and delete the old apps and layers. The plan of the TRUE SELF is to peel off the layers and not keep adding on.

The only way we can SEE if something is good for us is to first practice identifying them.

If we can understand if something is good for us or bad for us, we can consciously make an effort to remove the effect of that experience. When we remove the draining effect of the experience, we are deleting an app of our hard drive...like removing an old app off our phone screen.

How many old traumas, experiences, and apps are running in your background? What are the things that bother you the most?

The subconscious mind is the warehouse portion of the mind where we STORE painful experiences/apps and most often we forget about them. We can let them take a spot on our phone screen, drain our battery power, but never delete them because we don’t want to open them up. It’s too much hassle. The reason we don’t want to open the app is because we are too tired…but they are what make us tired.

You and I have to dig into our energy reserves, especially when we don’t want to deal with it. You and I may have to sacrifice time and energy to start opening the apps to identify the old traumas. But we need to look at them and see if they build you or break you; do they need to be kept or released.

The steps to awareness begins by opening the app, identifying the trauma, and seeing how much space it take up on your hard drive.

Working to release the trauma may take time, but the practice of IDENTIFYING is the first step.

Understanding the power of our subconscious mind’s control in our life is critical and so freeing once we take the steps to unravel what is stored.

If you’re interested in the process of clinical hypnotherapy to gently remove these false beliefs keeping you stuck, please reach out!

Email me at: Kassieannk@gmail.com

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