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In light of everything spinning around us, I wanted to connect with you and share how our Emotions are the fuel for our very own co-creation of our life’s experiences. 

We need emotion. Everything you dwell upon in your mind and your heart, everything that you believe in, is drawn into physical manifestation

We go through life believing that feelings just happen and that there is nothing we can do to control them.  

The relieving truth is that you have absolute control over how you want to feel, and learning how your thoughts create your feelings is a patient process. 

Without our own thought work, pushing away or pushing down feelings is the trigger response, but doing this is actually making it harder on yourself - and deepening the feedback loop. 

So today, I’m sharing my own “feelings,” how to examine it - let it ride and move back into focus.

Join me as I walk you through the difference between your thoughts and your feelings, and how to identify what a feeling is. 

After that, we’ll examine how to start the process of intentionally creating emotions that you prefer to feel, all while feeling uneasy in your body without resisting them.

While it’s a simple concept, it has some pretty profound impact:

All my love and light in this interesting time.  See how I use my words wisely? Its not negative, it’s VERY interesting. 



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