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An introduction to the endocannabinoid system (ECS)

In this first episode of many to come with Dr. Jake, we crack open the fundamentals of our Endocannabinoid system. We go deep as we thread our mind, body and spirit with our unique Endocannabinoid tone and how this vital coordination is integral to both health promotion and disease prevention. As a stress reduction system, the ECS responds positively not only to cannabinoids, but also to diet, lifestyle, and physical medicine.

This podcast, the cannabis industry and our direct connectivity to nature and each other is just the beginning of discovering the potentials of use of low-toxicity compounds, diet and lifestyle interventions, mind-body dynamics, and more.

On Today’s Episode You’ll Awaken to:

Dr. Jake's Website
YouTube Channel
Email: drjake@drjakefelice.com

Additional Resources on CBD
​How Your Body Boosts it’s Own Endocannabinoid’s

How do you dose CBD? Edibles, topicals, tinctures - Oh MY!

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It’s important to understand how the human body processes CBD. Essentially, our body breaks CBD down through metabolization, just like other oral drugs by entering the digestive tract. Here, they absorb through the stomach lining into the hepatic portal system.
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