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How Natural Skin Actives Compare to "MD Med Spa" Solutions

Over the past two decades, the emergence of medpsas has grown to see the fusion of medical practitioners in a field normally associated with the more holistic field of spa therapies.  

The market perception was an upgrade of the spa to include medically based treatments and products containing ‘medical grade’ ingredients.  

This model worked well especially with regard to aggressive anti-aging treatments.  These included invasive therapies such as laser, micro-dermabrasion, injections of fillers, and more.

When it came to the products used to support these services, medspas depended on pseudo-pharmaceutical sounding brands claiming to offer ‘medical grade’ product ingredients.  

Many doctors were encouraged to put their name on the products that led patients to assume that these products were medically formulated.

More recently however, the medspa market assumptions are being challenged as follows:

Assumption 1:  

Medical Grade Ingredients:  

These ingredients were assumed to be superior such as retinol, glycolic acid and other very chemical sounding ingredients. 

 However in recent years, naturally sourced ingredients which have been in use now for several decades have been subjected to clinical testing with surprisingly positive results.  

Botanical and algal extracts have proven themselves to stimulate cellular renewal leading to firmer and more youthful looking skin.

Assumption 2:  

Medical Grade Ingredients Trust Factor:  

This assumed that the market would always trust the efficacy of pharma-sounding ingredients over natural ingredients.  

However clients patronizing medspas today are influenced by the growing importance of products that are ‘clean’ and ‘green.’  

They pick up products recommended to them and read the back labels carefully.  Too many chemicals  lead many to return the jar or bottle back on the shelf.

The Internet Trifecta

Information on matters of safety and efficacy of product ingredients is now accessible through a number of websites on your smart phone.  

Ecocert and Environmental Working Group are among a number of sites that rate the safety of any ingredient you are going to find in products..

  If a preservative has been shown carcinogenic or an exfoliant shown to prove damaging to skin, consumers will find out and challenge doctors.

That is why Evoq has chosen to create a strategic suite skin care that addresses skin care concerns safely that use clean and green solutions.  

I want you to note that many of the incredible and powerful ingredients that we use can stand up to most pharmaceutical ingredients.  

And also note that these are nearly all ‘anti-inflammatory.’  

This is critical   when considering that inflammation brought on by environmental aging factors—pollution of air and water, stress, U/V exposure, hormonal disrupters and more—bring on an inflammatory response that our products fight hard against.

For example, our Oxygen Infused Pro-Collagen Firming Cream:  

This cream is unique in that it is infused with liquid oxygen.  By the time we arrive at our mid-40’s in age, our skin’s ability to absorb oxygen is reduced by as much as 50%!  

This results in diminished cellular metabolism translating into slower collagen replacement and dehydration that accentuates wrinkles.  

Moreover, liquid oxygen potentiates the collagen generating properties of special peptides and anti-oxidants extracted from micro-algae.  Hyaluronic acid at 3% helps to lock in moisture.   

I could go on for days on this subject (and I will another day) but that’s good for now. 

FORGET what you thought about products, theres been a paradigm shift and I’m here to help you walk through the overwhelm.  First you have to be open to what you thought “you knew.” 

Cheers!  Head over to   http://www.evoqbeauty.com to learn more about our ETHOS!  Yes, you can have it all! 

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