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Did you know that hugging can boost oxytocin and energizing testosterone levels?

Or that regular intercourse with someone you love and feel connected to is one of the BEST things you can do to preserve brain health and prevent dementia?

You’ll be blown away by this episode as we discuss healthy intimacy = hormonal health & vital longevity.

Dr. Lyndsey Berkson is one of the most fabulous, smart, and strong guests we’ve hosted on the Awaken Beauty show.

Dr. Berkson is an incredible female voice that is trumpeting truth and clarity for thousands of women as well as to Practitioners in the medical field around cutting edge truths on hormones, connectivity and removing toxicity in our everyday lives.

I’ve followed Dr. Lindsey’s research for many years and she’s influenced my business ethos behind my organic salon after reading the pioneered book at its time: “The Hormone Deception.” I’ve discussed many times about the importance of how not just the levels of our hormones, but how the conversation of our hormones help us function and age optimally - or dysfunction and break us down.

As infants, we require physical touch to ensure healthy development and brain maturation. Adults also require intimacy and connection to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy. Sadly, the truth is so many of us feel alone and disconnected (hello technology).

Get this ...a loving hug can increase oxytocin and decrease cortisol, deep conversations can be neuroprotective, and a true friend (in-person) connection can alter not just our emotional life but our biology.

Join the round table of women as we dive into the role between intimacy, environmental castration and how to save your endocrine system.

About Linsdey:
My guest is Dr. Lindsey Berkson has been a leader in functional medicine and women’s health care for decades. She was a scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University where she worked with the top scientists that have discovered how hormones function and dysfunction.

Lindsey is now a professor and mentor for physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals within continuing education courses on hormones, gastroenterology (and the gut-hormone connection), nutrition and the environment.

Dr. Berkson has authored 21 books and hosts The Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio. She had breast cancer 24 years ago and has made “remission” her “mission”. Dr. Berkson now specializes, with science-based functional medicine tools, in working with breast cancer survivors to do the same.

On Today’s Episode You’ll Awaken to:


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Additional Support and Proof!

Listen and learn to this video more from leading PHD's from the 12th Annual SSEW Symposium, “The Exposome & Metabolic Health.” Speakers discussed the role of social relationships, chemicals found in everyday items like beauty and hair care products, and our food environments in encouraging negative health outcomes such as obesity and diabetes, breast cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Listen Here

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