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With over 1000 peer reviewed clinical studies, we discuss the power of one universal molecule call molecular hydrogen. Listen to the end and learn how one single tablet infused into water can help reduce inflammation, increase physical and mental cognitive function, produce better skin health, improve sleep, support healthy weight management, enhance athletic performance and decrease recovery time, and yes - more.

Prepare to be blown away in this incredibly detailed conversation with our guest Jeff Taraday, co-owner of the world's leading molecular hydrogen company. You will be awakened to incredible power of one single, completely safe, natural supplement that holds endless healing power with zero risk or side effects.

Listen in how H2 is profound and how it can help you “get more sane, sleep and get your sexy back!”

About Jeff
Jeff Taraday is a co-owner of trusii, creators of the world's most powerful molecular hydrogen products designed to optimize your health and transform your life. A reformed junk food addict and hard-partying frat guy turned wellness evangelist,
Jeff has coached hundreds of individuals, both in the private and corporate setting, to make holistic changes to their lifestyle. Jeff joined the trusii ownership group in 2016, and they've been serving a wide range of individuals, from professional athletes to individuals suffering from serious chronic illnesses.

On Today’s Episode You’ll Awaken to:


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