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Unfortunately, there is a growing society facing an epidemic in brain diseases from autism, Alzheimer’s, dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. 

Why is this?  Is it environmental toxins, vaccines, etc?

One thing all Awaken Beauty Podcasts listeners can agree on is that treating these disorders like ADHD, autism, Asperger’s and so on with drugs is not ideal in the short or long term. 

So the question is …..how do we find our way through this hopeless muse? 

Wynford Dore - who is on a mission to treat learning difficulties with personalized training that gets to the root of the problem rather than focusing on the symptoms. 

Wynford is passionate about sharing his research  in transforming the skills lacked by those dealing with ADHD, memory, dyslexia, Asperger’s, autism and “us overwhelmed adults getting by.  

If you’re ready to up-level your own learning efficiency and want to heal your brain or the brain of someone you love, listen up to this incredibly insightful deep dive on the brain and how to work smarter - not harder with minimal time every day.

Here’s where it all breaks down and why I found it imperative to share Wynford’s information. 

I’ve witnessed hundreds of mothers in my chair making it a part time job to assure that their children have a path to have the most positive educational experience that will set them up for success - unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for so many of them and often it leads to frustration and anger for both the adult and the child. 

I stand with Wynford - both being in the business of improving people's lives.  

Going back to Maslow’s law hierarchy of needs, all human beings are built to have access to - and the ability to grow our personal skill sets.  

When we can freely apply our skills, we find joy, contempt and satisfaction from being able to be of service to others.  

The opposite of this is isolation, depression, and lack of motivation.

So the question is, how can we help every individual, especially starting as children, to optimize the areas of the brain that connect the mind and body. 

This episode applies to everyone and is also a great episode to share with someone you love that wants to up-level their brain and how they experience the world. 

What you’ll awaken to: 

Are you local?  Here’s how to access Zing!

Revolution Wellness is currently offering an exclusive Zing Special, which includes a $79 Eye Tracking Assessment (regularly $99) and a copy of the book “Stop Struggling in School” by Wynford 

Assessment days are Wednesdays and Thursdays; for scheduling, and you can contact Revolution’s Director of Zing Performance, Lisa Carlson, at 763-285-8690 or Lisa@Revolution-Chiropractic.com 

What is Zing?

Zing gives you the ability to develop fundamental skills. Whether you feel overwhelmed, anxious, unfocused or lack performance, you need individual physical exercises to stimulate your cerebellum (the brain’s brain). This is a breakthrough in personal development and mental health. We focus on the root cause, giving you the ability to branch out and develop your potential.

Zing is a personalized program that works in two short daily sessions, developing the skills that you want to target. Whether you want more confidence in your social life, more concentration at work, the ability to cope with stress or working on improving your child’s skills at school, Zing is the key to making these connections.

Where to find Wynford Dore

Zing Performance: 

Purchase the book!  https://www.amazon.com/Stop-Struggling-School-children-behaviour/dp/1973470934

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