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As young women, I’m sure you can relate to that time of your adolescence that you hid your face and caked-on makeup due to feeling and believing that we were ugly and others were just staring at our zits as we talked to them?   Well, they are pretty distracting, but I digress!

This mini-episode is a little serious and a little silly.  I'm positive you'll have an affinity as you ponder on your innocent younger self and how it relates to the "Language of the Mind + Body!"

Let's jump in - and grab a pen and paper! 

Just when we thought we were well out of our puberty with a brief clear face, we entered our 20’s and the stress hormones combined with sugar, carbs and food sensitivities arose.  What? The zits are here again?   

Or how about that first love from high school that cheated on you and you found yourself blindsided, shattered, and broken wondering if you would ever find love that energetic again? Wasn’t you, was it how you looked, or then comparing yourself to Every Woman he may have looked at there after feeling not pretty or skinny enough.

Perhaps you are a young girl experiencing the fall out of your parents marriage. Your dad leaves and marries another woman.  Heartbroken, you feel forgotten, abandoned and unloved. 

I think you’re getting the picture. So what’s your story? 

 There is good news, even though these are shadows hidden, we can absolutely peel away the layers, heal and restore what we have embodied as we mature into beautiful, competent women.   Feelings are feelings and thoughts are simply thoughts.  

When we think about these past big T or little T, they can be lifted into the truth and the light of your thriving, competent current self loves and accepts the younger self - showing her safety with you now.  

The Secret Language of The Body are signals of  our today.  

“Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, insecure, unacceptable, rejected, not good enough, unworthy of love. Holding on to self-hatred. Trying to hurt and punish yourself for past mistakes. Controlling; demanding unrealistic perfection from self. Overly sensitive.”

If you had experiences growing up, do any of these resonate? Do they still resonate?

So here we are reminded the mind-body connection is quite incredible.   The memories we have embedded in our subconscious and the emotions or states of being that get generated from those past experiences can later manifest physically into the body.

Acne and self hate can actually become a health issue. Every health issue needs our care from every aspect – physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of the time, we turn to the physical expression of health issues and deal with this first. 

For many of us, we are self help seekers with a drive to be free of the past.  We are capable to see how silly it is that we are ruminating a emotion rooted from the stimulate of popping past zits.  Literally!

Laugh, breakout of the immature ugly shell because it is dimming the real truth of absolutely being good enough and acceptable. 

If you haven’t yet, this is your high calling - wake up call - to love yourself silly by letting go of the inner self-hatred from events that were not even your fault and  are still secretly holding onto.

Letting go is your total and complete ticket to beautiful freedom.  

Here are some affirmations to use.

Tapping and/or Self Affirmations:

  1. “Even though I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  2. “Even though I feel so insecure, I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  3. “Even though I feel totally unacceptable, I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  4. “Even though I feel ugly and that no one wants me, I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  5. “Even though I feel like I’m not good enough, I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  6. “Even though I hate myself for what I have done (be specific), I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  7. “Even though I feel so guilty for what I’ve done (be specific), I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”
  8. “Even though I feel like I have to be perfect, I choose (want to or deeply) love and accept myself.”

Repeat and repeat until you feel released.   Revive your silly, child like innocence and feel how you’re so lovable!

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