Meet Kassandra
MEETKASSANDRAKassandra Kuehl is a successful female business owner and entrepreneur and known as the “Organic Beauty,” “Postive Mind Management” and
“Clinical Hypnotherapist”.

After 17 years as CEO of Beauty Ecology Organic Salon, she is now stepping out from behind the chair to share her massive knowledge and personal experience in Organic Beauty, Functional Medicine,CBD (endocannabinoid system) andClinical Hypnotherapy.
Her personal story is a unique journey, after massive headaches, fatigue, stomach issues and much more she found she and many other stylists were consistently working in toxic environments. Kassandra, nearly lost her business, her health and her life, until she decided to make a massive change to spearhead and build a unique organic salon with solution based clean plant-based products that are safe for the stylists as well as the clients.

In 2018, she’s risen to educate and lead as a “CBD Coach for Women” and an Expert in Cannabinoids by helping consumers discover what plant medicine journey is best for them through vetting and co-formulating the worlds BEST of the BEST artisanal and bio-available CBD and Organic beauty products to help women, sleep, be sane and bring their sexy back Awakening the Shadowed Remnant Sleeping Beauty Parts of Our Unconscious through Science-based Neuroplasticity. 
Spiritual Mind Management & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Created with you in mind.

"Wipe that "TRY" off your face, beautiful!"

Little do you know, you're simply telling the subconscious mind " I won't."
Listen, friend, before I tell you about me, I know that you’ve got something inside you that’s far bigger than your health issue, your weight, fears or anxious thoughts.

The way we think about ourselves very much, impacts the way we treat ourselves.I know this first hand because I’ve lived through it myself.

I mourn the fact that as children, we are not taught how to use our spirit mind  so we can live and experience our most abundant potential - from the start.

The fact is you have the power to access that part of you that wants to find your purpose, fall in love, fearlessly follow your intuition, remove past trauma, feel energized, or be in sync with incredible work that makes a difference in the world.

Pioneering New Frontiers of Female Master Minds Ahead (coming soon)...
Are you a mature, confident woman but still giving away your power to “hierarchy guru’s,“ crystals, tarot cards, false gratifying social media likes and unaware repetitive patterns in your life? Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to learn the 4 Key Golden Rules to Mastering your mind to unroot the subconscious patterns that keep you stuck or on autopilot so that you can experience joy consistently and leap from success to deep living a life of significance.
Kassandra’s Background and Discussion Topics
Established one of the first organic salon and spa in the nation
Formulator of natural and organic solution based skin/hair/CBD
Certified Hypnotherapist to help women bridge back to full confidence and resolve in every area of their lives.
Assists women to find resources to build resilience in their life via accurate practitioners, functional testing and foundational neturaceutical products as part of their individual journey.
Women’s health advocate and educator within Endocannabinoid research, personal client results and as a certified cannabis coach.
Leader of largest Cannabis women’s only network as MN Lead.
Co-formulator of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid products empathetic to women’s unique health needs and ailments that inhibit them to live optimally.
How Kassandra was the face of health and beauty, experienced 2 chronic health breakdowns and nearly lost her life, only to turn around and build a larger vision and passion for her craft and message.
Kassandra is the Founder of all sites below:
The Awaken Beauty Podcast
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Organic Salon And Spa Flagship
Evoq Beauty Product Line (CBD/Hair/Skin)
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Bridging Business Overwhelm to Crystal Clear Clarity
Kassandra educates wellness professionals and beauty gurus and on the bigger picture of our endocannabinoid system in reflection of the explosion of the CBD market. Her Mission is to enhance the business and personal lives of those with whom she interacts, while advancing the botanical health industry by bringing women’s health innovations through plant and human epigenetic harmony through our environment and personal life choices. Mindfully, she helps bridge the gap between our subconscious and conscious, give women back the power to bounce old habits and thought life and life to their greatest potential as a certified hypnotherapist.
Work with Kassandra
Neuroplasticity and science confirm we are using a mere 5-10% of our conscious brain and true potential Just think about the many extraordinary accomplishments you have made and overcome in life already! Now imagine what might happen if we could increase this power to just 15%, 20% or more! What wonderful, miraculous achievements await us?

Imagine how it would feel to remove limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and the feeling of being “stuck, depressed, and triggered. These feelings keep us overweight, sleepless and unable to reach our visionary goals.

As a hypnotist, I’m passionate about being your guide so you can safely access your subconscious mind so you can reprogram your thinking, dispel old, unwanted, negative thoughts and replace them with true, unconfused, new, right thoughts for YOU.

“The intuitive mind (subconscious) is a sacred gift and the rational mind (conscious) is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

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It’s important to understand how the human body processes CBD. Essentially, our body breaks CBD down through metabolization, just like other oral drugs by entering the digestive tract. Here, they absorb through the stomach lining into the hepatic portal system.
My mission is to provide comprehensive guidance for women of all ages. I aim to empower women to support the innate healing capabilities of their bodies, understand what “really works” when it comes to natural beauty products and becoming more mindful and conscious so we can live feeling lighter, more energized, happier, more optimistic and more empowered!

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