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The "7 Minute Sound Spa of Chakra Tune-Up Tones" is recorded specifically with the hope that it would allow you to experience a quick, sonic tune up every morning or evening to bring you back into harmony. YOU, are powerful beyond measure.

What’s a Sound Spa Chakra Clearing?

This sound spa will balance and align your subtle bodies and your energy field, enhancing your health and well being, as well as accelerating your consciousness.

Some of these benefits include:

Since the power of our own self-created sounds (often referred to as "toning") has been recognized for millennia by ancient wisdom holders of various traditions, we now know that even modern science has validated the power of self-created sounds.

Some of the major beneficial physiological effects include:

Get this! There are 88,000 chakras in your body touching every aspect and area of your vibration including your body and aura.

Of these number of chakras, 40 are significant to your well-being and functionality. The most important ones are the seven MAIN CHAKRAS located from the top of your head to the base of your spine (Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras). The chakras are connected to your well-being on your physical, emotional/mental and spiritual levels. The energy centers receive, incorporate and channel life force energies throughout your body and aura.

The seven MAIN chakras lose their strength and ability to function properly when blockages arise. 

These blockages stem from:

This Sound Spa healing audio cleanses, balances and activates your chakras to its full potential. 

The healing helps: 

A pretty incredible paradigm shift, right? Want to 10x your chakra clearing, in addition, all the other energetic layers of the body, daily?

You can easily do this by the click of a button by joining the High Vibe Health and Beauty Biofeedback Membership. 

This program allows you to see exactly where the mind, body, and soul are out of alignment, and a delivered set of balancing healing tones personalized just for you - to re-balance, re-align and catapult your life in every way.

It is my hope that the "7 Minute Sound Spa Chakra Tune-Up" will serve as an introduction and initiation to the power of shifting your frequencies!

For more information about how to see which exact chakras are off-balance, you can learn more about my biofeedback membership, which allows you to receive personalized tones to re-align all energy bodies (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).

Thanks so much, and Many Blessings of Love & Light through Sound!

Harmonically Yours,


PS: Reach out to me at kassieannk@gmail.com to inquire how to put your energy balancing on auto-pilot today!

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