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Have you ever wondered WHY certain skincare products work better than others? Or, what makes “this” vitamin C, different from the other on the shelf?

As unapologetic truth teller, natural beauty advocate and co-formulator of Evoq Beauty, I’m well aware of the surface information and tactics for selling natural beauty.

First things first, I always look at the whole of a formulation and then work backward on getting to the endpoint safely and efficiently in the results I wish to achieve for the modern gal’s skin health needs.

Just like you - I get pulled into all the allure of new fancy ingredients in the skincare scheme, and sometimes it’s sooooo convincing, between the attractive imagery and emotional words - I think “it must be true?”

A little more digging, a phone call with my lab - I can quickly differentiate fact from fiction. So today, I’m here to help set the record straight. Like a festering, ready to get out pesky pimple, let’s BUST the common myths now. *Sorry for the gross visual, but - maybe that will imprint the BS I’m about to help ya pop!

1. “What you apply topically is up to 60% absorbed.”
Let me start with SIZE MATTERS (get your mind out of the gutter). Skin lotion and potions are made with all different weights and shapes. As a lover of truth and natural health, the truth is - the natural skincare industry has been pushing this quote of “over 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed.” Sorry, but it is not entirely true.

Let’s get-go deep- really:

The skin is made of many layers, three in which a formulator focuses on.

My awareness on delivery systems excited me - and puzzled me as I started to first learn about nanometers, daltons and a bunch of other critical needs in a formulation for an accurate delivery system - for serious results.

I quickly learned and am here to tell you - it’s a challenge for skincare products to penetrate beyond the epidermis layer. You can thank your bouncer (skin) for protecting you from potential harm such as stabilizing your skin barrier from losing hydration- as well as working to protect your skin from penetrating external toxic substances.

Other key factors are how ingredients work together to strategically drive into the epidermis and slightly beyond, and free of chemicals. Evoq products are composed of skin-identical ingredients such as nano organic phytocannabinoids (CBD), liposomal Vitamin C and medical-grade liquid oxygen - all scientifically prove to drive deeper for visible radiance.

The conclusion.

It’s VERY hard for most skin care products to actually get past the skin barrier, which is why the delivery system of products and their ingredients is just as important, if not more important than the ingredients themselves when considering efficacy. For example, our pores are approximately 50 nanometers in size. So we developed our topcial nano Cell Regenerative CBD OIL molecular weight and size at approx 20 nanometers - driving further to get to skin-glowing work.

Here’s an interesting video on skin and absorption. https://youtu.be/LKiZtYffteE

2. Really? “Dermatologist tested, Non-Comedogenic, & Hypoallergenic.”

In order to make these claims, companies bring a collective group together and have them use the product. However, many have it done independently and the current state of a woman with normal skin doesn’t give a in-depth valuable data set. The product may have been non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic for those individuals with really great skin and no allergies, but that doesn’t mean it would be for the greater population.

The conclusion: Just because the dermatologists who “tested” the products, doesn’t mean they liked them. Yes, it’s stating that the dermatologists tested it, not that they found the product effective. I suggest being aware of each ingredient and personally trial the product on your own skin.

3. “Occlusives suffocate your skin - for bad.”

This is nuanced. Occlusives have different origins. Some synthetic and others are natural. Occlusives help lock in moisture by preventing skin water loss. When you apply a very heavy-duty moisturizer, your skin still feels pretty comfortable, right? The proceed with caution is when low grade synthetic or even natural fats tend to be used. How do you know? Trial and error. Look for cold pressed oils and organic creams. Used in mall percentages, even silicones ( derived from rock) can feel great and not clog.

The conclusion: Many people think that silicones are suffocating and that they clog your pores. On the contrary, silicones are one of the most breathable occlusives out there!

4. “Argan to Argan,” go for the cheaper one!

Oh, my. Just because the ingredients are the same, doesn’t mean it’s the same quality of product. Sorry for the sugar crave, let’s take oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, for example. Let’s say two people use exactly the same ingredients but one uses organic materials and raw cocoa chips in the cookies and the other uses store bought premixed batter. The store baked batch burns and deploys the pan with grease while the natural healthy batter turns out perfectly delicious. This works very similarly with skincare. Hungry? Wink

The conclusion: Ingredients aren’t everything, the quality and the complete formulating methodology is what makes all the difference!

5. “Apple Cider Vinegar is a cheap one trick wonder toner for clearing up acne. “

Again this one is another cautious nuance to clarify for you. ACV has a superior exfoliating property and a very potent antibacterial property, so it does have potential in helping acne. The user beware is frequency of use. I wouldn’t recommend that you use this daily since the overuse of antibacterial products can diminish or eliminate good bacteria life balancing biome that is the main protector of your skin.

The conclusion: If you want to start using ACV on your skin, only use it once a week and I suggest you always dilute it with water so that the pH is more skin-friendly.

6. Using “Clarisonic” type cleansing tools or foaming cleansers are the only way to get your skin clean.

This may be one of the most skin damaging advice you could follow. Surfactants do eliminate makeup, dirt, and grime from your skin when you wash your face. But surfactants can’t differentiate dirt with your natural moisture and oils, which means it can take away what’s needed for barrier repair, especially if you cleanse too often.

Skin barrier disorders tend to cleanse obsessively, but doing this is likely causing more harm than good. Instead of over-cleansing, look for gentle, non-stripping pH-balanced cleansers that won’t strip the good stuff.

The conclusion: Don’t cleanse more than twice a day! I personally only rinse water on my face in the morning. It has not gotten dirty overnight and keeps your skin’s pH and biome in tact prior to applying moisturizer and make up. By skipping your morning cleanse might be just what your skin craves.

7. I’m of a darker nationality or darker skin type so I don’t need to apply sunscreen.

Dark skin tones thinking that they don’t have to wear sun UV protection are “false things appearing true.” This is a serious health prevention and even could save your life. I personally know because I lost my brother to skin cancer - he was 24!

Everyone needs to wear sunscreen. If I told you that aging (wrinkles, lines, sun spots, etc) is 90% from previous sun damage, would that persuade you?

Here are some things you should know:

There are two specific UV rays that you want to protect your skin from.

UVB ray burns your skin and UVA ray ages your skin. The UVA rays are why every skin color needs to have a safe barrier. UVA exists in rainy and cloudy weather, not just when the sun is out.

A broad spectrum sunscreen also helps what we now know damages even more deeply - IR (infrared rays) that emit off of our digital devices.

This is one of those cases where “better safe, than sorry” cannot be truer.

The conclusion: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day, no matter your skin tone, to protect yourself and your skin from UVA,UVB rays and now known IR rays.

8. “It’s best to start using anti-aging skincare early on”

I suggest being in the mindset of preventative methods that women can be doing like moisturizing properly, wearing sunscreen daily, and not causing too much physical degradation to your skin.

As we age after the age of 30, we want to look for more safe ways to help cellular turnover while extreme help on keeping the outer barrier strong and firm. Consider adding actives (like vitamin C) and peptides, then moving up to natural retinoids later on.

The Conclusion: Love your skin! It’s smart and it knows how to take care of itself.

Tired of the overwhelming choices of skin care lines? Simply want a trusted, powerfully potent skin care line?




Each Evoq formula is brimming full of the “Forces of Nature,” which contains abundant amounts of fatty acids (anti-inflammatory), essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants (cell renewal and health) and delivery system carriers (deep penetration). The result it natural, balanced, radiant skin by using the highest quality ingredients-natural, organic and sustainable- from across the world.

Every product is made in small batches to maximize freshness and effectiveness without the use of chemicals, cheap fillers or toxic preservatives.


Your skin’s collagen, elastin, and moisture barrier take a beating from everyday stressors. We stay up to date and engaged in new skin studies while exploring the power of skin solutions that target and optimize your skin's fundamental layers. By working with your skin, not against it for instant and long term skin radiance.


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